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Second US patent grant for Chainfrog

Today marks a yet another significant milestone in the development of Chainfrog's intellectual property strategy, with the granting and issuing of a United States patent titled “Peer-to-peer geolocation system”. The application was filed in December 2015, and to the best of our knowledge is the first patent grant to a Finnish company for a blockchain [...]

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All Talk and No Action

How to actually move forward with a blockchain pilot It drives me up the wall when people talk and talk about doing something and never actually get up and do it. I hated it when I was a teenager in a band, and it frustrates me now when I'm trying to get a new project [...]

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Slush 2017 Summary

Slush 2017. Slush 2017! Well, I thought that as a new undergraduate going to Fresher's Week at Cambridge University was intense, but it pales into insignificance compared to those last two days in the Messukeskus at Pasila, Helsinki. Smoke from the smoke machines, regular thumping and grinding sounds in the background from the sound system, [...]

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Chainfrog launching Blockbinder at Slush17 – booth B34

Meow! Now is an excellent opportunity to meet Finland’s first blockchain technology company at Slush 2017! Blockchain provides a remarkable new way of sharing data when there is a lack of complete trust, providing reliability, consistency and traceability. The technology offers new types of earnings and cost saving models for businesses and the public sector, [...]

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Pirkanmaan liitto and Chainfrog

We recently held a workshop for members of Pirkanmaan liitto (Council of Tampere Region) concerned with fostering innovation in the region. The results of the workshop and the discussions had are available in a blog post they released today. We looked at the possibilities of applying blockchain technology to waste management markets, health services and [...]

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President of Poland visits Startup Sauna; Chainfrog also present

It was an honor to be present at the state visit of the President of the Republic of Poland to Aalto University Startup Sauna. A delegation of eight Polish startups was accompanying the President during the visit and aiming to extend their networks with other international entrepreneurs. Chainfrog, as one of the Aalto Start-Up Centre [...]

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First US patent grant for Chainfrog

Today marks a significant milestone in the development of Chainfrog Oy, Finland's first blockchain technology company, with the granting and issuing of United States patent 9,797,725, titled "Apparatus and method to aid magnetic positioning and navigation". The application was filed a year and a half ago. Chainfrog has a further 5 patents pending. Please feel [...]

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Blockchain and Database Theory

A week ago we had an article on how one of the fundamental database theorems - the CAP theorem - relates to blockchain. On the surface, when viewed as a traditional database, blockchain fails to perform well under the theorem. However, when the question of trust is added to the mix, blockchain comes into its [...]

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The Chainfrog Retreat

About three weeks ago we held our first Chainfrog retreat, at a cottage in the middle of the Finnish forest near Urjala. Five company members traveled in from as far as Cambridge, UK and Kangasala, Pirkanmaa to spend five days reviewing our current strategy, what we've achieved so far and where we want to go. [...]

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Downloading Ethereum

This time I set up an Ethereum node from scratch, using the Go Ethereum (geth) utility. Again, I used the same Ubuntu 16.04 installation on an old Packard Bell laptop (dual 1.6 GHz processor, 500 Gb hard disk, 4Gb RAM), as I did for Bitcoin (with Bitcoin core stopped), running on a 24 Mbps network [...]

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