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The next wheel

Sometimes the simplest ideas have the profoundest influence on the way humanity progresses. This may sound like a peculiar way to start a post about blockchain, which is currently seen as a complicated and convoluted invention that it's hard to get your head around. But it's not the esoteric mix of cryptography, game theory and [...]

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Blockchain – tulevaisuuden digiloikka

I will be the first speaker at a blockchain event in Helsinki on 22 March 2017, called "Blockchain – tulevaisuuden digiloikka", which I think means "Blockchain - the digital leap of the future". Fortunately I'm allowed to present in English. I'll be explaining what blockchains can do, and when or even if you should use [...]

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Chainfrog quotes in CoinTelegraph articles

A short while ago I was asked to comment on the potential for using blockchain in issuing a Universal Basic Income. Finland is about to start an experiment in which some citizens are going to get 560 EUR a month, to see if it would actually work. The potential for reducing government administration overheads is [...]

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Technology Disrupting Finance 17.2.2017

To be honest, when I signed up for the TDF conference in Oulu, I was in two minds whether I made the right decision. Fortunately the event was easily worth a long train journey, a short night in a hotel, and then another long train journey back home. There were a lot of very good [...]

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Technology Disrupting Finance meeting in Oulu

Chainfrog is attenting the Technology Disrupting Finance conference in Oulu today. Within seconds of arriving at the venue we already met Pekka Leviäkangas, a principal scientist at VTT, who we have been working with in the generation of a proposal for an EU funded project for the last couple of months. Later today I'll be [...]

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Chainfrog in Tampere All Bright! Magazine

A couple of weeks ago Kimmo and I went over to Kampusareena in TUT for an interview with Päivi Stenroos. We had a lot of fun (who doesn't like to talk about themselves? Other than about 75% of the Finnish population, obviously). The results are now up and published and can be seen by following [...]

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Is it better to know everyone, or everything?

It's been a busy seven days. Last week Kimmo and I made it in to the center of Tampere to record a podcast with Leonidas, which provided us with an entertaining afternoon and wonderful views of the center of Tampere. Those guys sure have a nice office space! We're hoping that early next year we [...]

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