Blockchain and Database Theory

A week ago we had an article on how one of the fundamental database theorems - the CAP theorem - relates to blockchain. On the surface, when viewed as a traditional database, blockchain fails to perform well under the theorem. However, when the question of trust is added to the mix, blockchain comes into its [...]

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The Chainfrog Retreat

About three weeks ago we held our first Chainfrog retreat, at a cottage in the middle of the Finnish forest near Urjala. Five company members traveled in from as far as Cambridge, UK and Kangasala, Pirkanmaa to spend five days reviewing our current strategy, what we've achieved so far and where we want to go. [...]

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Downloading Ethereum

This time I set up an Ethereum node from scratch, using the Go Ethereum (geth) utility. Again, I used the same Ubuntu 16.04 installation on an old Packard Bell laptop (dual 1.6 GHz processor, 500 Gb hard disk, 4Gb RAM), as I did for Bitcoin (with Bitcoin core stopped), running on a 24 Mbps network [...]

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Downloading the oldest Blockchain

I had a go at downloading the Bitcoin blockchain from scratch this weekend. A new Ubuntu 16.04 installation on an old Packard Bell laptop (dual 1.6 GHz processor, 500 Gb hard disk, 4Gb RAM), a clean Bitcoin Core installation, and fired it up, with a 24 Mbps network connection. 46 hours later the full blockchain [...]

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Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications publishes report: Chainfrog co-authors

The report can be found here. A while back Chainfrog worked with VTT and the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, LVM, to produce a report on blockchain. It's in Finnish, but the abstract is translated into English and is reproduced below. It's good to see that government is taking such an active interest in the [...]

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Finnish Computerworld article on Chainfrog published

Today Tivi.fi published an article about us, with the title '"Aikamme suurimpia keksintöjä" - matemaatikko ihastui lohkoketjujen kauneuteen ja perusti Suomeen niihin erikoistuneen yrityksen'. It's in Finnish, even though I was interviewed by their journalist Suvi Korhonen in English (because it's a Finnish publication, of course). We will try to get it translated soon. The article [...]

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Blockchain Meets Database: Replace or Combine?

Originally published in https://dzone.com/articles/blockchain-vs-database-replace-or-enhance If you're adopting blockchain to improve your database processes, keep in mind that you don't need to do a complete overhaul. Here's how it should be done. When adopting blockchain into your organization, it's not necessary to replace your existing databases and associated processes. Instead, you can integrate and improve. Although blockchain technology offers promising [...]

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Blockchains and GDPR

We've published a free eBook that you can download here, exploring the issues surrounding blockchain and the new EU data privacy regulations, GDPR, which are taking effect in March 2018. It looks at how to reconcile the tamper proof and immutable nature of blockchains with the GDPR requirement to allow personal data to be "forgotten" and [...]

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Blockchains and smart contracts

We've published a free eBook that you can download here, explaining what smart contracts are. It covers the purpose of smart contracts, gives an understandable yet technical overview of how they work, and explains some of the pitfalls and risks associated with them. Enjoy and share!

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Teosto and Chainfrog implement a blockchain pilot

Link to Teosto's announcement. Earlier this year the Finnish collective management organization Teosto, which represents the interests of thousands of Finnish composers and music writers, engaged Chainfrog to implement a proof-of-concept blockchain-backed collective rights management system for Teosto Futures Labs in Q1 2017. An announcement was made by Teosto on 29 May, and the system is [...]

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