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Chainfrog Lecture

What are the basics of blockchain technology and how do you apply them to different use cases?

Blockchain Lecture is aimed at clients who want to know more about blockchains in general, and how blockchains benefit different use cases. Gather participants from your organization to hear a presentation about blockchains and engage in a question-and-answer session together on how blockchains could be applied to different relevant use cases.

Process and steps

  1. Analysis of organisation and preparation
    We need to know the ICT organisational structure and general level of knowledge about blockchain to be able to prepare the most efficient and optimal lecture for the client. This may involve one or more meetings.
  2.  Lecture
    There will be a 2-3 hour lecture on “Introduction to blockchain” with modular progressive topics, usually covering:A general overview of what blockchains are, how they function, what features they posses that make them of particular interest to industry and finance at the moment, and why they have great potential for the future, two or more illustrative use cases, and a summary of the mechanics underlying blockchains, including: hash functions, Merkle and Patricia trees; ECDSA, other asymmetric key cryptography and public key infrastructure; “mining”, proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and consensus algorithms; the use of peer-to-peer networks; transaction scripts and smart contracts; security issues.
  3. Follow-up
    We produce a report and provide lecture materials and comments, and/or an edited video, as agreed.


Please contact us, as we offer different pricing for academic and professional lectures, dependent on the level of customization required for the lecture content.


Can start 1 weeks after the order.
Delivery time as agreed, typically 1-3 weeks

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