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Deploy a genuine blockchain pilot in minutes, without needing to become a blockchain expert.


Determine cost reductions in a side-by-side comparison with your existing processes and workflows. Develop new business and operations models based on the properties of blockchain.


If Blockbinder does not offer you improved transparency, automation and data flow capabilities and associated savings, simply cancel your Blockbinder subscription knowing you have saved yourself a fortune in bespoke blockchain pilot development costs.


Find out more at www.blockbinder.com.


Lecture course

What are basics of blockchain technology and how can you apply them to different use cases?

2 hr lecture introducing blockchain technology

Chainfrog Lecture is for clients who want to know more about blockchains in general, and how they benefit different use cases. Gather participants from your organization to hear a presentation about blockchains and engage in a Q&A on how blockchains could be applied to relevant use cases.
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How do blockchains work in practice, how to install and use them, and what are the applications in your organization?

Work as a team to gain blockchain experience

Our Blockchain Workshop is aimed at clients who want to install and evaluate different blockchain platforms in their organization, and require general practical training on blockchains. There is also the possibility to brainstorm real solutions for customer problems where blockchains could be used.
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Do you have a blockchain solution planned, but need the team and skills to implement it?

Let us pilot your project

Chainfrog Pilot is meant for clients who require a blockchain-backed solution to their business problem, based on the tamper proof, distributed and/or consensus properties of blockchain. We will gather the necessary partners and developers, and handle the software development process from start to finish with our partners.
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MultiChainChainfrog Oy is a member of the MultiChain Platform Partners programme.


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