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ChainfrogĀ Pilot

Do you need a turn-key solution that includes blockchain technology?

Blockchain Pilot is meant for clients who require a turn-key solution to their business problem, based on the tamper proof, distributed and/or consensus properties of blockchain. We will gather the necessary partners and developers, and handle the software development process from start to finish with our partners.

Process and steps

  1. Preparation
    In conjunction with the client we start by setting the high level targets, scope and project plan outline to begin the practical preparation of a software project.
  2. Tendering
    A turn-key solution requires a range of partners to provide:

    • Project management
    • Blockchain expertise (Chainfrog)
    • Front-end UI / UX design
    • Back-end services and databases
    • Mobile development
    • Integration
    • Security auditing
    • User acceptance testing

    We collaborate in the production of a tender with the client, to gather a team of experts and drive the process for creating the best possible partner network to solve the customer need.

  3. Organization
    With our legal and project management partner we organize and assemble a finalized project management and financial plan for successful completion of the project.
  4. Project management & delivery
    Based on the project plan we take existing blockchain solutions, alter and enhance them to meet the customer needs, pilot the solution for a practical use case and provide guidance on how to extend it to production-worthiness at a later stage.
  5. Evaluation & end meetings
    We are one of the evaluation partners and will coordinate the end meetings and discussion, usually in conjunction with project management partner.


Please contact us to discuss the scope and timetable of your project.


Can start 4 weeks after the order.
Delivery time as agreed, typically ranging from several months to a year or more.

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