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Careers at Chainfrog

Ever seen those job adverts where the employer is looking for ten years experience in a five year old technology, with a checklist of twenty rare skills and a requirement for a PhD in an esoteric technology area? And then when they finally hire someone they have them doing something totally different within three months?

We’re not like that. Blockchain is a new technology and there aren’t many people out there who have blockchain skills, so we’re looking for bright and enthusiastic people who like to learn, and like to get stuff done. Educational qualifications will count for you, but a lack of them won’t count against you if you can convince us you’re smart.

Obviously there are some things that are beneficial: experience with working in a Linux environment (if you’re regularly hitting Ctrl+Alt+T and typing “sudo” for example), using Git source control, Python, Node.js are all good. So is a mathematical background, experience with cryptography, peer-to-peer networks, game theory, databases, networking software, interface design, having a pet project published on – stuff like this will all count in your favour.

In return we can offer you the opportunity to gain work experience in Blockchain technology, the ability to work from home as much as you like, anywhere in the world, and the chance to get in at the start of an exciting new technology startup company by participating in the company stock options plan. With your help, if the company is successful, you will be too.

Contact us at Chainfrog Info to apply for any of the positions listed below, or even if you think you might have something else to offer us.