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Chainfrog Workshop

How do blockchains work in practice, how to install and use them, and what are the applications in your organization?

Our Blockchain Workshop is aimed at clients who want to install and evaluate different blockchain platforms in their organization, and require general practical training on blockchains. There is also the possibility to brainstorm real solutions for customer problems where blockchains could be used.

Process and steps

  1. Analysis of the organisation’s ICT challenges and initial preparation
    We analyse the customer ICT structures and needs and prepare the workshop with the customer’s ICT professionals, to use your devices an laptops, on which the participants can install and test how blockchains work in practice.
  2. Workshop
    A one day workshop covers a basic summary of blockchain technology, provides hands-on experience with blockchains on customer laptops, and includes brainstorming on how different solutions could be used within the organisation:

    • An initial summary covers topics including a general overview of what blockchains are, how they function and what kind of solutions are currently available – Hyperledger (IBM, Intel), Microsoft Azure, Ethereum
    • Hands-on testing helps participants to install the blockchain and play around with it with a strong focus on questions & answers and other practical support
    • Brainstorming gives an opportunity to look through different potential (prepared) use cases and makes it possible to prioritize and develop them
      Potential tools include Business Model Canvas, Blockchain Canvas, Product Calculations, NABC (need, approach, benefits and competition), execution and project plan concepts
  3. Follow-up
    A report is produced summarising the whole day, focusing on the results of brainstorming: what are the most promising use cases and applications, when and how can they be developed, and by whom. We help you answer the question: where to next?


Pricing depends on the participant numbers, level of content and other requirements. Please contact us for details.


We can start 2 weeks after the order.
Delivery time as agreed, typically 2-3 weeks.

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